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Great coverage for oily skin

Let me start saying that I have oily skin and most of the foundation (even the ones for oily skin) often oxide or run out really quick on my skin. I have been using this foundation for a couple of days now and the coverage it gives me is amazing. I don\’t use any concealer or anything and it just makes my skin look flawless. I also have really large pores and acne scars in my cheeks and it covers the most of it as well. My skin looks so even and natural with this foundation and I love it. It won\’t crack like most of the matte foundations and yes, I would describe this as a matte foundation because it controls my oily skin really well! I first apply it with my fingertips to make sure it\’s well spread around my skin, and then I use a kabuki brush to set it properly (without spreading, just gently tapping the brush on my face so it won\’t soak the foundation or spread it around).

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