Good everyday powder

I\’m a religious user of the Laura Mercier translucent powder but decided to give this a try to change it up a bit. I have been using this everyday for more than 6 months and I\’m telling you this powder has some kind of sorcery in it: I bake my under eyes with it every day and use it generously all over the face (think: extremely oily skin) and I have only used half of it! The LM typically lasts me up to three months tops.

Is it the best powder I\’ve ever tried? Probably not but it is a very good and long lasting one, perfect for a daily heavy user like myself. I have to say I\’ve noticed when I wear it on special occasions that it has a tiny bit of flashback on my under eyes (probably because I bake with so much of it) but it\’s nothing too Angelina-Jolie-flashback. Also props for being vegan 🙂