Glow with no oiliness!

Bought this after finishing my clinique gel moisturizer. I was looking for a moisturizer that made my skin looked more awake and less dull. My skin has not been in the best condition due to my busy lifestyle, sometimes unhealthy diet, and lack of sleep. On top of that I was using acne products that were doing really great things for my acne, but not necessarily the overall look of my skin! My skin was just under nourished with dry patches.

Ever since using this, I\’ve found that every morning, my skin retains this glow and moisture that doesn\’t leave me looking oily. It perfectly preps my skin for makeup, without being slick. Best part is you need so little product, and you have time to massage this into your skin. Sinks in to your skin like a charm afterwards. And did I mention this smells amazing too?

At first I was skeptical because an employee recommended this to me. I don\’t like buying items from people who upsell, buuut I wanted to try something new out for a change. It was a good decision.