Gives me Glow

I have used SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence nightly, for almost 4 weeks. I wash my face, allow it to completely dry, and apply one drop full of SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence to the palm of my hand. I pat to distribute on my face, and spread it evenly. After the serum dries (which is pretty quick) I apply a thin layer of moisturizer to lock it in. I am not sure if the moisturizer step is necessary, but it does feel good.
Honestly, I seen a difference after the first night of using this. When I woke up, my face had a dewy-soft glow, like I had just gotten a facial. Over the next few days my pores became smaller and much less noticeable. Now, almost a month into using this serum, friends/coworkers have noticed the improvements of my face. My pores have drastically improved, my dark spots have faded, and my skin is noticeably brighter. Because of the improvements in my skin tone, I am now comfortable with wearing a lighter-coverage foundation. My face looks fresh and healthy, which is due to using this serum and being able to scale down on my makeup coverage.
The price is high. But, for me, no other product has delivered all the results I am seeing with this one luxurious serum. For me, this works just as the description says it does.
Extra notes: The bottle is pretty, but heavy. I wish the bottle was clear or had some sort of level gauge/level window. I wish the package had more direction/ instructions/recommendations on how and when to use.
I dropper/cap combo is awesome, it provides me with just enough and I never feel like I am wasting any product. The smell is very light and very nice, to me it smells like a spa/yoga room. The serum is a tad thicker than I expected, but in a good way. It’s consistency makes it easy to apply and cover your face… If feels like it goes on with purpose.
About me: I am in my early 30’s with an olive skin tone. I have combination skin, oily t-zone, large pores, clogged pores, uneven texture, dark spots, red spots, and my derm legit told me that I have “mature skin for my age.” I blame genetics, not wearing the correct amount/level of sunscreen, and frequenting the tanning bed way too much in my teens and early 20s.
This serum has noticeable improved my skin and I would recommend giving it a try.

I received this product complimentary from SK-II, in exchange for my honest review.