Fun and Decadent

When I pulled the SK-II Brightening Source Derm Revival Mask out of the packet, I couldn\’t tell if it mattered which side went against my skin, so I just picked a side. The mask was easy to maneuver into place. I tucked the bottom under my chin, but it kept coming off and hanging down. It did not drip, though, so this did not bother me. The mask felt moist and cooling for the fifteen minutes. It was easy to remove. I then patted the essence into my skin and added moisturizer on top. I liked that it stayed moist and felt good on my skin. So many masks are designed to dry and those just make my skin feel tight and uncomfortable. I also liked that you simply pat the essence into your skin. With the aforementioned drying masks, I always feel like I\’m irritating my skin as I struggle to scrub them off. Plus, it was fun looking like a serial killer from a horror film! My skin and I really enjoyed using these masks and would recommend them to friends. I received free product from SK-II in exchange for my honest review.