freckles no more

I\’ve been using this product for 3 weeks now. It really does seem to help in reducing my freckles. Usually at this point in the summer all my faded freckles are back with a vengeance. I look like my 12 year old self again. This product really saved me from that this year. So if you like your freckles this product won\’t be for you. However, if you have dark spots you want to fade this product does help. My one major gripe about the product is the dispenser. It comes with a dropper that is extremely hard to use. I find myself pouring out the product into my hand instead. In turn I use much more then I should which seems wasteful. Considering the cost listed wasting product would seem like a no no. Maybe invest in a separate dropper? I also must disclose I personally received this product free if charge from Sk-Ii in exchange for my honest opinion.