For a particular type of person?

This product was so \”meh…\”. I have dry skin, always looking for extra under eye hydration but this product just wasn\’t for me!

The cooling effect is kinda nice, it is pretty mellow, but it\’s not enough hydration that I could skip out on my eye cream in the AM by any stretch of the imagination. So it seemed kind of pointless to use. During the day I\’m wearing makeup at work, so I\’m not gonna put it on then. By night, I\’m using my regular eye cream before bed. Moisture definitely doesn\’t last.

If you are on the run a lot, traveling or working out at the gym this product may be for you – also if you have normal or oily skin. If you don\’t wear under eye makeup, this could be a great mid-day pick me up for those with dry skin? Maybe if you\’ve got extra time and want to add this on top of your regular eye cream?

Definitely will not be repurchasing.