Excellent for rosacea

I have not had any of the problems with pilling or a white cast that others have mentioned. I layer it over a mix of the C-Firma and B-Hydra. Just swipe it over your skin and give it a second or two to dry down to its sheer finish.

At first, I did find it made me oiier, but I remedied that by patting it over with RMS um-cover finishing powder. Im left with a nice, glowing, blurred finish.

The big advantage for me, though, is the way it tones down my redness from rosacea. It does this more effectively than any targeted treatment I have tried, prescription or otherwise, save possibly antibiotics. Most days I don\’t use any make-up with this except for the sheer finishing powder, but when I needed the RMS un-cover up concealer works well with it too.