Excellent for covering scalp but horribly messy

I was sold this product as an alternative to eyeshadow to fill in my scalp (I have androgenic alopecia and very fine, thinning hair). I have \”bronde\” hair and the dark blonde colour was too light so I went with the brown colour which is too dark but gets the job done. I need a shade in between the two for a perfect match.

This is an extremely messy product. Do not apply after you do your makeup, get dressed, or clean your bathroom! It gets everywhere. It does wipe off your forehead, arms, etc fairly easily but you won\’t get it out of fabric without putting it in the washing machine.

I have yet to find a better alternative, but this product requires reformulation. I have not tried going out in the rain or to a pool yet so I don\’t know if it runs when wet. It will rub off on anything that touches it. Setting with hairspray may help.