I\’m not great at makeup application but have still found this easy to use. After a decade plus of tweezing, my brows won\’t grow back completely so I\’m stuck with bald patches. I tried pencils, powders but none gave me the natural brow I wanted. I was scared of pomade at first so it took too long to try it but now that I have, I\’ll never go back.

I use a slanted brow brush (though not from anastasia) and dip it into the pot on the side, as per other reviews. I find that this picks up less product than I expect but more than I need. Then I still remove some extra product in the lid and go at my natural brows with short strokes. I then spoolie to blend then clean up underneath with concealer and brush and I look like a pro.

Granted I\’m just filling in sparse areas as opposed to drawing on whole brows but if I\’d imagine it would work well for that too. Color match is key. It\’s so easy to use that I put on brows even if I\’m just hanging out at home.