Easy Catch-All – Highly Recommend for Everyday Use

Love it because it provides MUCH more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and doesn\’t make my face oily. It covers the sun spots I have as well as the patchy/red areas on my face. I smear it on with my fingers – so easy and for the areas where I want more coverage I blot it on with a beauty sponge. SPF always makes me break out but this doesn\’t! I use sparingly over my wrinkles because if I layer it on too thick it tends to accentuate them but only until it melts, then my wrinkles look pretty smooth. I have noticed that my skin is brighter and my pores are smaller. I highly recommend for every day use!
My face is pale and Light would probably match my skin perfectly but I went with the Medium shade which gives me a subtle sun-kissed look and matches my more suntanned arms and chest.