drunk in love

20 yrs old
Normal to dry skin
Post Accutane

First, this acts like a booster. It\’s all about customizing it to fit your skincare needs. A booster is formulated to increase the efficacy of X skincare product it is mixed with. This is why DE advises it is mixed with C Firma; it\’ll increase the effects of vitamin C.
B Hydra will do this to anything it is mixed with. One of my favorite aspects of DE skincare is the lack of silicones allows for the chance to make your little skincare cocktail. So if you wanted, you could mix B Hydra with C Firma, an oil of your choice, AND Lala Retro Whipped Cream.
I love this serum; it\’s like a glass of water. My skin is immediately plumped and brighter. I like mixing it with C Firma and Josie Maran\’s Argan oil in the morning.
A couple of weeks ago, I messed up my skin barrier by leaving on NIOD SS too long as a mask. My skin was very irritated and inflamed. I used two pumps of this and my rosehip oil. Within a couple of hours, my skin was back to plump, even, bright skin.