Dewy and soft

I have wanted to try the SK-II Facial Treatment Masks for some time now. They are cult favorite among skin care junkies and top make-up artists. I definitely fall into the former category. I LOVE taking care of my skin. If you don\’t have the proper base for make-up there isn\’t any amount that will correct issues on your face. I started by unpacking the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. I will say that this wasn\’t very easy. There is A LOT of essence in the package and it\’s dripping wet. I didn\’t mind though, I just took a paper clip and closed up the pack. I figured I could put the remaining on after taking off my mask. I quick tip, I also used some on the tops of my hands. Hands age so quickly! I secured the mask and just laid back and relaxed for 30 minutes. I rarely just take the time to breath and focus so this was really nice. They say 10-15 minutes but I let it sit for longer. I then took the mask off and added that extra essence and waited 15 more minutes before rinsing off my face. I\’ve heard mixed reviews on doing this but it was a bit sticky and I needed to put make-up on to go out. My skin looked glowy, soft and felt incredibly moisturized. Make-up went on so easily and any flakiness I had disappeared. I really enjoyed this mask and have used two others since with similar results. With consistent use I feel like it would just get better and better. My fine lines around my eyes softened as well. Consider me a fan! The cost is actually fine considering it\’s much cheaper than a facial and by far easier. I\’d recommend this product to friends and family. I received this product from SK-II to sample.