I actually purchased this when it first came out. I exfoliate, moisturize, prime and then use her Lock-It foundation. Setting it all with this powder. After doing so, it leaves my face powdery smooth and really does blur out any pore imperfections I have. After the rest of my makeup is on, I use Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. All day out in the sun or heat and humidity, the makeup stays in place all day! And if I\’m out late and just go to sleep and don\’t take my makeup off-very rarely does this unfortunate event occur-my makeup mysteriously stays pretty much as I first applied it it\’s crazy! Bottom line: use it for special events like weddings and photo shoots! Ok for flash photography. Never tried Laura Mercier due to the complaints about not being able to use it for flash photography. Try it in the store before you buy it to prove it to yourself it\’s the best!!