Claims vs. Reality

I don\’t understand why Kate Somerville called this product Wrinkle Warrior. With a name like that, I expect this eye serum to contain a powerful active like retinol, which this serum definitely does not have. That said, I was given a sample of this product in store by a friendly sales associate who billed it as a moisture-rich hyaluronic acid serum for the eye area. This is much more accurate. Had Kate Somerville sold her product the way the SA in store did, it would be much easier to review positively, because that\’s basically what it is– a pleasant, silky hydrating eye serum featuring hyaluronic acid. It contains nothing that\’s going to take down the appearance of dark circles or wrinkles, and I did not experience any improvement in my dark circles or fine lines while I tried it. That said, I did experience increased hydration around my eye area. Would I buy the full size product for this benefit? No, unless it were cheaper.