Great for thick brows

I naturally have a unibrow, if that gives you an idea of how thick my eyebrow is lol. This holds my hair together which is an amazing task. I\’m on my second one. Would recommend.

Budge proof brow

This brow gel works very well at keeping the hairs of your brows going in the direction you put them. Be cautious not to put too much or your brows will get brittle. Really great product overall!! The consistency helps your brow hairs look thicker too.

Best Brow Gel Ever

This brow gel is truly the best. It kept my brows in place even in humid weather and my brows lasted after sweaty workout. This is perfect for achieving a feathery brow look, and it works well to set everything in place on top of brow products. The perfect amount of gel is dispensed on …

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Clear brow gel

This works perfectly for keeping my brows in place after applying brow definer. It doesn\’t smudge my brow definer that I apply before. I use the clear gel and it keeps every hair in place all day


I honestly don\’t know how I did my brows without this before. I have really super thin hair on my brows. So I never thought I needed \”glue\”. However this keeps the hairs up right and helps keep my brows in the shape I want them all day long.