So I\’m the kind of person that puts foundation over my lips when I am doing my face. My very last step is always lipstick and I always find it that my lips are cracked or have a little skin hanging and I\’m constantly trying to hydrate my lips. This has completely changed the way …

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Lip moistening

I really like how it works with my lips. Every night before going to bed, I put it on my lips. I forgot what dry lips are and I do not have such problems anymore.

Holy Grail Status Lip mask

This lip mask is so buttery, glossy and silky! It is incredibly hydrating and doesn\’t move around on the lips. Putting this on at night and waking up to some still on the lips is perfect. This is a forever purchase and you get a lot of product for your money.

For your eyes

I know this is for your lips, and I love it for that but on the eye area it\’s amazing! I know it\’s not for that, but as lots of lip products are also eye products, tried it! Fine lines be gone!

Favorite Lip Mask

I have really dry lips and a lip scrub and lip balm wasn\’t enough so I started using this. My lips have never been smoother and less dry. It\’s a must have step in my night face routine.