awesome easy

The rose and yuzu ones are my go-to. They smell great and they make my skin feel great after using them, unlike other cleansing wipes that leave my face feeling a little sticky. Heads up: the green tea exfoliating one is really rough on skin, I do not recommend it.


I like these to travel with or when I\’m in a hurry at home. But don\’t think these clean your face, you still have to wash your face after using these!

Great purchase!

I purchased the Green Tea wipes and haven\’t regretted it! The wipes take off makeup easily and leave my skin looking and feeling great. The wipes have 1 smooth side and 1 side covered in little bumps to exfoliate. I would 100% recommend these wipes.

pretty good !!

i got the coconut ones and they were great! not only do they smell good but all your make up comes off in almost one wipe. would definelty buy again

the best wipes!!

I buy these wipes once every three weeks or so. Use them take off my make up every day after work, and when I don\’t feel like washing my face fully. They smell amazing and the rose one is probably the best. If you\’re thinking of trying them, do it!!