This was my very first big-girl brand-name not-drug-store eye shadow palette and am afraid no other palette will top this. Highly pigmented colors, super blend-able, and long lasting (with setting spray at least). Such a beautiful color story with well named shades. Has my favorite gold eye shadow that is bright has heck when applied …


Fantastic Palette!!

I got this palette for my birthday and just wow. The colors are so rich and the powders are extremely creamy. In fact, with the right eyelid base, I\’ve been able to wear this swimming and come out with my eyes looking flawless. A would recommend for everyone!!!

it\’s lit

This palette is \”lit\” as Shane Dawson would say. It\’s \”hit\” like chad tepper would say. And it\’s \”hot boy\” like the legend Jake Paul would say.

pretty pallet

This pallet definitely impressed me with its diversity of colours. Very pigmented but also a bit too powdery for me…that would be the only downfall. Otherwise a definite must have in your beauty bag for any makeup lover!

Absolute Love!

This palette is like a dream come true! All the colours are super wearable and can be used so many ways for countless looks. The shadows are highly pigmented and you only need to dip your brushes in lightly to get the right amount of colour. The mattes are my absolute fave and I reach …

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The Best Palette on the Market

This palette is amazing! All the colors are so pigmented and blend like a dream. I\’m obsessed with the theme of the palette and am so glad it\’s a permanent item on the ABH catalogue. I have bought it as a gift as well and my cousin loves it!

All time favorite Palette

I\’m so in love with this palette, the colors are gorgeous, but the formula is unbelievably perfect. It is so soft, and creamy and pigmented. It doesn\’t crease, blends effortlessly, and last until I wash it off.