new favorite product!

I can\’t get enough of this wave spray! Every time I run out i instantly re buy. I spend way less time styling now that I can jump out of the shower and use this to create a natural wave. And smells so good!

Controls my unruly hair

This light weight product is amazing, smells great and helps control my unruly hair and helps to give me beachy waves. I spray it on my hair when it is damp and scrunch it and it dries perfectly!

Does nothing

This unfortunately does nothing, but make my hair smell good. I\’ve given them 4 tries with only one product working at all and that\’s their Rose Hair and Body Oil.

Very sticky :/

I feel like the only person that\’s ever had a negative experience with this product but I find it to be extremely sticky and it hardens my hair as soon as I do the recommended \”scrunch\” motion. It does the same thing to my hair that gel would and that\’s the opposite of \”weightless\” and …

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Great wave/curl maker

It sure does what it says. It creates awesome natural looking waves and curls. I have wavy hair and I just sprayed & scrunched on my wet hair and let air dry. However, it doesn\’t prevent frizz on the top of my head.


I have super straight, fine hair, so I always go for a beachy spray. This is my absolute favorite, and I\’ll admit that a large part of it is the smell. I would wear it as a perfume if it was an option. It gives me that tousled look that I love!


I am obsessed with this product. I have naturally wavy/very thick/color-processed hair and I\’ve never been able to just air dry my hair and have it look decent. I spray this in my wet hair along with some anti-frizz serum and let it air dry, scrunching gently as it dries, and VOILA! I end up …


Do not recommend

I bought the travel size to try it out for the summer, you know, to get the wavy look and not to blow dry my hair, but it left my hair flat and sticky like hairspray, returned it the next day, very disappointed!