amazing face oil!

I\’ve always had oily skin throughout my whole life and oils really scared me… not until I found this one! It\’s so lightweight and smells amazing! Never made me break out and makes my skin so soft and bright. I\’m on my 3rd bottle and will keep buying it 🙂

Serum of LIFE!!!!

My skin has been doing some super weird things as I am getting older, but as soon as I added this to my routine my skin has been look phenomenal!!! New holy grail item!!! Must have for dry skin, worth every penny, little goes a super long way

Works Quickly

Give this a couple of days and you\’ll see definite results! Very impressed with how quickly this worked for me. I used it both day and night. Smells great, it\’s delicate and lasts only for a few seconds so it\’s not overwhelmingly rosy. I can\’t use the other vitamin c serums from any brand because …

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At first I wasn\’t a fan but when I mixed it with my moisturizer it makes my face look brighter and with a nice glow that\’s not oily . I have sensitive oily acne prone skin

Beautiful Oil!

This was my first ever face oil and it was definitely a hit! This absorbs quickly and leaves a nice finish- not shiny or greasy feeling, just soft and clean! It has a nice subtle rose scent that makes it feel luxurious to use. When I was finishing the bottle, I used the rose petals …

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the price is…

This oil was given to my mum as a sample and she loved it, she has extremely sensitive skin, my skin and other skins do not compare to my mum\’s she cannot wash her face with anything even if it is organic, it\’s that sensitive. Once she used this her skin didn\’t react poorly, to …

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