I think it\’s my favourite Brow product because it\’s almost a clayish but looks almost like a powder in ways, only down side is the thickness of the tip, but mine hasn\’t broke on me?? I think some people try to use too much at once? Anyway great product

Good for a soft, natural look.

I prefer a stronger pomade brow, but I have been wearing this on days when I just want a simple or quick look. So far the crayon has not dried out enough to crack, but I do need to draw a practice line on my hand before I apply to refresh the dry tip.


I am baffled at how this and the brow wiz is at all popular!!! This is so hard and rips out my brows, it doesn\’t apply any product unless I press down hard and scrape at my skin!! Awful awful awful!!!!! I am sticking to dipbrow because that actually works and doesn\’t look like Instagram …

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like it

I really liked this at first but as I tried different brands I\’m no longer as into it as I was. Although once I run out I will be purchasing the original ABH brow pencil!!

natural look

Great natural look for my fine, blonde brows. I chose the blonde color for my dirty blonde. Not a hold look but great if you just wanna fill in.