very unique product

I was intrigued to try this out. It feels really nice on the skin and leaves skin a bit tacky so it\’s great before makeup. It\’s unlike anything else I\’ve ever used


I received this as a sample in my play box. I didn\’t know what I was so I did have to google, but after learning what is was , used for & how to apply; I followed directions. It definitely is cooling!! I apply it when I wake up & I feel so refreshed, like …

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Cooling but sticky

When I first applied it onto my skin, it felt really nice, but as it dried down, it became sticky and kind of made my skin itch. I have pretty sensitive skin and the film that was left on my skin made me feel itchy. It does cool, but at what cost.

Left my face sticky

I really wanted to love this product. It feels so good going on, but it left my face feeling tacky and sticky when it dried. My skin didn\’t soak up the moisture.

Under eye primer!

U could use this for a lot of different things but i tried it under my eyes before applying concealer and it worked so well… it depuffs and it\’s a little bit tacky so it helped keep my concealer on for a really long time. Even when my foundation was completely faded my concealer was …

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I got this a few months ago, and I\’m about halfway through mine. I don\’t necessarily understand its purpose? I have normal skin, and i tried using it under my eyes to see if it would get rid of my bags or puffiness, but no luck. It\’s not the greatest smell, but you get past …

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I was skeptical at first about this product but I\’d heard good things from reviewers and beauty bloggers. Now that I own the product I love using it, it really cools down the skin and makes you feel refreshed.