I would buy it again

If you don\’t mind spending the money I think it\’s a fun product to have. I like keeping it in the freezer and using it under my eyes in the morning. I feel like it\’s going to last a while and I would definitely repurchase it.

doesn\’t do much

Received in my Sephora PLAY! Box The product definitely cools so I found that it was good for after waxing my face. It also worked ok around my eyes but the sensation lasts for only a few seconds and then aside from minimal hydration and an oily look I did not notice any redness reduction …

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Not bad, just doesn\’t do much

I don\’t hate this product, but I returned it because it wasn\’t worth the money for me. Feels nice and cooling, but didn\’t really have any effect on my skin. To be fair my skin isn\’t particularly dry or problematic, so it might work better for someone else.

just meh

I didn\’t care for this product in my July box. it does feel cool when you put it on but only for a moment. I did not see a difference in my puff around my eyes. I also didn\’t care for the texture it left behind.

I found the perfect use

I have been trying to figure out how to best use this product. Today I waxed my eyebrows and decided to use this stick after to calm the skin. It worked splendidly and will now be my after wax go to. It calmed the skin, moisturized, cooled, and depuffed.


Glad to get this product in my bag. It felt cool when applied but I have no real need for this product. I will continue using the sample but will not buy this product.