I received this in the play box. After the initial water part evaporated, a waxy film was left on my skin. It was like a wet candle. Didn\’t care for this product.

very cooling and refreshing

This product is great in the summertime when my face feels flushed or warm. There\’s an instant burst of coolness and the gel glides on so lightly leaving my skin refreshed without messing up my makeup.

Good For Traveling Light

I use this as my travel skin care, eye cream, & primer. Saves a ton of room vs. hauling around a bunch of bottles & jars with liquids. Most normal days I just use it under my eyes to depuff when I\’m headed to work in the early am. Works well for that.

Worked good until…

I got this product and it was amazing the first free days. Fast forward 2 weeks and I open it up to find it smelling moldy with a warm feeling. Guess who threw there cooling water out.

perfect for puffy eyes

This stuff is amazing. I use it every morning before I go to work and it makes my eyes look like I got more than five hours of sleep. Best anti-sleepy-eyes product Ive ever used.