just found my new mascara

got this in the PLAY! box, it\’s pretty amazing. the brush took some getting used to but it lengthens and thickens dramatically without looking greasy or clumpy. the carbon black does a great job at making my blues \”pop\” and the whites of my eyes whiter. love this and will def buy the full size

The worst mascara!

I got a sample, used it a couple times and threw it in trash. It\’s awful, clumpy and brush is way too big… It\’s so bad it made me write my first one star review.

nope nope

One of the worst mascaras ive tried in a while. Received it in my Play Box as a sample and was very dissapointed. The wand is just very large and it\’s basically impossible to avoid crazy clumping


Received this in my Sephora Play box this month and was very disappointed. The mascara came out of the tube in one giant glob at the end of the brush. I had to scrape most of it off to make it useable. Also, the brush was difficult to hold when applying the mascara.