Good Product!

This pomade is really well for those MUAs with experience. For beginners it might be harder to control but it doesn\’t hurt to give it a try!

Greatness in a .14oz Jar!

This is theeee best dipbrow i have ever used ! Actually it is the first. Its soooo smooth and easy to use . Once you know how to do eyebrows that lil jar can last you up to 2months or more . Its easy to clean up and long lasting. I just love it !

best for brows

I have this shade in blonde and it looks amazing. A little goes a long way, and make sure you watch some tutorials on how to use this before beginning, or you might end up with a mess. I think that this product is the best to use for brows !


It\’s the best eyebrow pomade I\’ve ever tried but just to let y\’all know one you open it like the first week is fine but then I put coconut oil on it to keep it how it was and it still works


I held off buying this because I was more comfortable using eyebrow pencils for a long time but the FIRST day I tried this I was instantly hooked!

My one and only

This is legit the only thing that I use to fill in my eyebrows. I\’m going on my fourth one and I still love it, I recommend it to everyone even to the people that don\’t know how to do their eyebrows and that are beginners. This is what I started out using and I\’m …

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learning how to do brows

I love this! I have gotten so many compliments on my brows! I\’ve learned about how to do brows without over doing it! It\’s so smooth! But makeup remover is a great friend when cleaning up the brow bone!


So I love dipbrow! I\’ve been getting it for around a year and a half and it has an amazing staying power! I love going to theme parks such as universal so whenever I go to theme parks I use my dipbrow and it always stays on throughout the whole day espically during water rides …

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