Great for blemishes

I use Shape Tape for my under eye area but it is cakey on blemishes. NARS creamy radiant concealer is not cakey and works great if you want good coverage without the clumpy look.

Liquid Skin!!!

I feel that whatever is the least amount of makeup you can get away with, that\’s what you should wear. I cringe whenever I see YouTubers apply thick layers of heavy base. Since I started using Drunk Elephant, Kate Somerville, and First Aid Beauty my skin has been extra good (I also started jogging and …

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Re purchase

I went through a full one of these awhile ago and just never replaced it because I had so much at the time but I miss this terribly. I definitely will be ordering one.

No issues with creasing

Great formula! The consistency is somewhat thick but not too cakey. It all depends on the tools you use to blend the product. I found it best to first use my ring finger and then a beauty blender. I use a setting powder after under my eyes and I\’ve had no issues with creasing.

Best one yet

I love, love this concealer. The color is perfect, consistency awesome, but it can be drying. I\’ve tried so many, even more moisturizing ones, but this concealer still takes the cake for color and under eye coverage.


The is one of the better concealers on the market that provides flexible coverage with a no frills applicator. I mainly use this for my under eye area. I find a lot of other concealers, regardless of the product type (stick, pot, wand), end up caking and drying my eye area. This is one doesn\’t …

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I bought this about 2 months ago and I am literally obsessed. It does crease a bit if I don\’t apply translucent powder but it is literally the best concealer I have ever tried. Make sure you use some type of powder to really \”lock\” in that concealer