I just dont understand the reviews. It made my skin really flakey after use. I first tried leaving it in for 2 minutes like it says and then my second try, i washed it immediately. My skin kept peeling and peeling for few days which is exactly what I wanted to get rid of. I …

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I had gone in asking for something to help with texture and was told to give this a try!! You can tell a difference after ONE use!!! I got the smallest one but it lasted me what seems forever! I\’ll be buying this again for sure.

Good To Use In The Shower

This is one of those famous holy grail type products which it seems everyone raves about, with reason. A 2-minute facial doesn\’t seem like too much of a time commitment, and in the shower is so much easier to manage. I\’m glad that I got a small size to try.

Great! but not unique

I love this mask. It\’s quick and effective. It\’s really great for old discoloration from acne. But! Save your cash and get the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin enzyme mask. They both are intense, both tingle (PTR one might be a little more intense), both are quick, both have a chemical and mechanical exfoliation, both achieve …

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Amazing treatment

I bought a mini size to see how it performed, and I fell in love the first time I used it. It makes my skin feel soft and even. I loved it so much I went out and bought the 5 oz bottle so I wouldn\’t run out any time soon.

Great as a Quick Facial

I love to use this in the shower, because it\’s easy to use and wash off. It smells great, and it really feels like it\’s exfoliating my skin. Afterwards, my skin is smooth and feels ultra clean.

Product Change

This USED to be a game changer. They changed the ingredients and it\’s no longer worth the price to me. I don\’t have sensitive skin and so I appreciated how INTENSIVE it was. It\’s not pretty gentle and can be compared to their actual gentler version