smells just like roses

I like the smell of this product. I also like how it leaves my skin really soft. It could just be my skin but it seems softer after. I got the small one and it goes by super fast, I still have a tiny bit left.

It\’s O.K.

Though I was put off by the colour and consistency of the mask at first, now that I\’ve used it a few times, I acctually enjoy the rose scent. I really like that it doesn\’t have much colour to it when you put it on, and that you can put however much you want on, …

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Wait.. what?

I am absolutely baffled by the high rating of this product. I\’m almost wondering if I got a bad batch, or if the product has an extremely short shelf life? Mine was brown, a weird, mucus-like consistency, and it smelled of putrid, decomposing flowers. I had to wash it off immediately because the smell was …

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Nice, but not my favorite

Not too harsh on my sensitive skin. Did tone and leave me with a beautiful texture, but too high of a price point for me to actually buy (I received this in my Sephora Play box). It\’s lovely, but not something on my short list.


Really weird consistency. This made is so hard to wash off my face. The fact that the petals kind of melted away when you put it on freaked me out. I definitely wouldn\’t buy the actual jar.

not for combo or oily skin

I received this in my Play! box this month. The smell is a bit much. It\’s an olfactory assault with rose petals, potpourri and Passion Tea. It does feel very lush and luxurious (if the smell isn\’t too overwhelming) but I don\’t think it does anything for my oily/combination skin. And that price tag though.