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Brightens, but Sticky & Fragranced

A solid \”eh\” product. It does beautifully brighten the complexion and it\’s nice for dehydrated skin. Any morning I use this, I notice I have less trouble with skin flaking around my nose and other problem areas.

I have three big problems with it. First is that it doesn\’t do enough for such a high price point (I got it as a sample and won\’t be purchasing full size).

Second is fragrance. A deep-penetrating serum shouldn\’t have added fragrance. The smell this one has isn\’t unpleasant, but fragrances are unnecessary at best and an irritant at worst.

Third is ingredients versus texture. This serum is distinctly sticky and stays that way for a while after you put it on. If you don\’t put a moisturizer or oil over it, you can run your hand over your face an hour later and have your fingers \’skip\’ on the surface. Anywhere my skin is even a little bit thin, like near my lips, I can feel even a scant layer like cling film.
That\’s understandable when the key ingredient is derived from sap, but look at the other ingredients. There\’s a ton of basic, cheap moisturizers and texturizers in this thing. If they\’re going to let you pay for those instead of other more nourishing ingredients that might improve both your skin health and the texture of the product, they should do a better job on cutting that stickiness.

If you have dark spots you\’d like to spot treat, this product could be worth it if it works for you. I\’d definitely seek out a sample before you buy the full size to make sure it works.

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