As far as concealer, I use a wide variety from: Sephora Collection (Dulce de Leche/Creme Caramel) and Makeup Forever (#14/18). These concealer are great but during the summer time I felt I had to bake a bit longer to ensure I don\’t have any creasing or separation.

I tried the NARS Radiant Concealer (tube version) in Amande and always liked it but hate the applicator. It dries up SOOO fast (that\’s why I was using makeup forever one for so long)

I recently had a Sephora makeover and my artist used the Matte version of Amanda and it\’s literally my HOLY GRAIL product. I tried it at home and it takes me 2 seconds to have a SOFT BEAT look. I didn\’t even need much setting powder to bake.

It lasts a good 8 hours without setting spray and much longer after that.