This was my first ever Sephora purchase and I don\’t regret it. This eyeliner is the best thing ever. I don\’t wear eyeliner often, so it\’s not in constant use. So when I wear it, I just brush the eyeliner on my hand a few swipes and it goes right back into it\’s perfect use. I read that people say theirs dries out, but mine has yet to dry out and I\’ve had it for a year now. I also recommend shaking it a few times to get the liquid going. And also if yours tends to dry a little, just brush it on the back of your hand to get the liquid flowing through. This is normal since it is a brush tip that is in a pen form, so I would not worry about it drying. If you are looking for an amazing eyeliner that will do everything for you, go with this one. It\’s remarkable.