beautifully contours face

I exchanged my NARS laguna for this(because NARS is no longer cruelty free) and I am so glad I did! It was an upgrade and a better deal, $49 for 6 colors instead of $40 for 1 color. The first time I used it, there was a lot of product on my brush so I always use a light hand from then on. I use the left side of the palette for an everyday look and sometimes mix the left and the medium side but if I want a stronger contour, I\’ll use the darkest one and blend it out well or use the darkest one over a lighter shade color. I like the versatility of this palette because you can amp up or go for a more natural looking contour and you can use some of these colors for eyeshadow too, also the highlighting colors are very beautiful and all the colors blend like a dream.