Beats Expectations

Lately I\’ve been having issues with my hair being dry, frizzy, and oily all at once. I\’ve had to ditch conditioner in the shower to combat the oil but that leaves my hair dryer and frizzier than normal. I got a trial size of this coconut oil gel in my play box and decided to use it as a replacement of my after shower leave in conditioner. My hair looked, smelled, and felt so much better than it ever has. The product name is misleading because it was nothing like an oil or a gel. I would have called it hair lotion or leave in hair conditioner. This product doesn\’t 100% solve all of my hair issues, but it worked well enough for me to go out and pay full price for a large bottle, and that\’s saying a lot because I\’m very frugal.

The only bad part about this product is that it\’s pricy and my store stopped caring the full size (it only has the $15 travel size).

Background on me: Early 30\’s, non-healthy lifestyle, short dark brown hair with a tiny bit of curl, & living in Florida.