Tuesday, October 3, 2023


I\’ve been using Anastasia\’s brow products ever since I bought a starter kit many years ago. Since that time, I\’ve bought two or three replacement powder tins (still using the same brush, which continues to work great). I mistakenly bought this pomade, thinking it was the same powder I\’ve been using (for some reason, can\’t seem to find the exact same tin of powder I\’ve bought before), and I deeply regret having wasted the money. This stuff is so thick that I spend twice as much time now doing my brows because I have to clean off all the extra goop, which not even the spooly end of the brush can do (if you try to brush it out with the spooly end, all you end up doing is spreading the color onto your skin). This product looks ridiculously unnatural, like I literally painted on my brows. Based on this awful experience, I\’m now looking at a different brand altogether for my brows.


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