Jeremy Thompson

Goji Balm

Leaves lips feeling hydrated with just a hint of color. The scent is pleasant but not overbearing. Don\’t over use as it can feel a bit greasy/slick. Great way to hydrate after a day of lip stains.

Oh my!

I\’ve been searching for the perfect fragrance and I think I\’ve found it! It\’s sweet and musky and almost a little vampy. It\’s intense but not overpowering. The scent lasts for a long time which is nice. I received this as a free sample but when I run out I am definitely buying it!

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Strong & Spicy

All i can think about this scent is that it is strong & Spicy and lasting, i used just one drop and it lasted all day, not my favorite though, but i am sure my mom would die for it. How ever i am obsessed with the Saint !!!!