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Apply with your Fingertip!

This can absolutely look natural and does not need to look heavy. I\’m 45 and I pat (not rub) this very lightly under my eyes and up to the lash line. I even use it above my eye to cover any shadows and/or capillaries.

Here\’s the kicker, if you match your skin well, you don\’t even need concealer on top if you don\’t want to use it. I\’m a brown-eyed, blonde and the color Bisque is better than natural on me. It lifts my eyes, makes me look alert and most of all younger. Really, less is more with this fantastic product. I also tend to have very sensitive eyes and this does not bother my eyes at all.

I have looked high and low for something that would seamlessly cover the red at my lower lash line and this is definitely it!

Thank you Bobbi!

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