Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Amazing Product with Perfect Everything!

I just bought this yesterday and I\’ve tried it already! It\’s honestly amazing. I love the smell, packaging is great, the size is great, and the spray! I\’ve read reviews that the spray was hard and tbh it\’s not as hard as people are putting it out to be. Yes, it is stronger than the very fine mists, but it\’s not a hose either. All I need are about 2 sprays about an arms length away and I\’m good to go! I love how it sprays, it\’s a good pressure and it sprays almost your whole face with just one pump! This is good for all you product savers, you really don\’t need much for this one. I used it as a primer (felt a little sticky at first but it dried and got better) and it made my foundation apply a lot more smoothly I also used it as a setting spray and it did the job amazingly! In fact, it even brightened up my face and make the colours appear bolder! Love this product!


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