Amazing on my 9 year old son\’s eczema!

This cream has worked wonders with my son\’s skin condition. I bought it because my sister-in-law had told me how good it worked on her dry skin. It\’s so well worth the $36+ investment. After a few days, my son\’s eczema has calmed and all but disappeared. He\’s got a few scabs left (from where he was itchy and didn\’t stop scratching until he bled) but he\’s so alleviated with this cream. Also, I have dry skin specially on my legs and feet. This has brightened my skin and sealed the cracked skin. Lastly, my teenaged niece also wears it at night as a moisturizer. This is my new go-to body cream. I don\’t use it on my face because I only use Perricone MD. 🙂