Amazing but doesn\’t last long on me

I wanted to get my hands on this so bad & ended up being the first person at my local Sephora to get it, even before employees! This has quickly become one of my favourite scents, coming from someone who loves perfume! I can\’t quite describe what it smells like. I am OBSESSED with the packaging, I just want to display the bottle. I love Sinner. It\’s a sexy scent, but not over the top, as I wear it during the day all the time. Saint is much lighter and fresh in comparison. I didn\’t purchase it after smelling it in the store, but I want it just for the bottle, that\’s how gorgeous they are. Truly eclectic pieces that are unique to my collection. I suggest moisturizing before applying this perfume for more lasting power, or spraying it on clothing more than skin if you have the same issue as me where it doesn\’t last as long as other perfumes I own. It could just be my own body chemistry. If it wasn\’t for this, I would be rating it 5 stars. Now I want to pick up a roller ball.