After one sample, I was hooked.

At first I really just loved how soft my face was after using it. I mean, I only had a sample so this instant gratification was impressive. My skin was happy for the next 24 hours and that\’s when it really started to make me think I should consider purchasing it. I decided I would go into my local Sephora and get a fresh out of the bottle sample to compare with the little foil sample I received from an online purchase. I fell in love deeper. I really love this under my eyes and on my deep forehead wrinkles. I did end up going in and purchasing a bottle of my own. Now after using it for a few weeks, I\’m hooked. When your man, completely unprompted, notices and names the product while telling you \”it\’s knocking the crud outta the wrinkles under your eyes\”, yeah it (and him) is a keeper. So while it is on the spendy side, when you realize you are using only a small pea sized amount…it\’ll last for a good long while and not that overpriced.