Absolute favorite lip treatment!

(I actually purchased this product on another site, but since I use Sephora a lot, I figured I\’d review it on here.)
I\’ve been using this stuff for a little over 6 months. I was previously using the Bite Agave Lip Mask, but I always try new balms or lip treatments because I\’m completely addicted to them, so I had to give this a shot when I ran across it. While I do enjoy the Bite mask, I never felt like I experienced amazing results, as some people claim. Yes, I could put this on before bed and wake up with some still on my lips, but it didn\’t leave my lips feeling super hydrated or changed. I mainly loved it for the scent, and because I have one of the tinted versions, I enjoyed it during the day for that aspect as well. The packaging was also much more convenient.
However, when I found out about this stuff, I couldn\’t resist giving it a try. When it comes to the formula, it\’s very emollient, milky and thick, but it doesn\’t leave any sort of milky cast on your lips like some treatments do. Also, unlike the Bite mask, I didn\’t find this too sticky to wear during the day, as the Bite mask is much thicker. I can put a thinner layer of this on my lips and it sticks around for hours and makes my lips feel nice and moisturized. The only con I will say when it comes to using it during the day as a balm is that it can become very slightly sticky as it wears off, but you can either apply a thicker layer or just apply another thin layer to fix that. I\’ve also found that blotting my lips at this point, just on the back of my hand, helps remove the excess product and reduce the stickiness, but doesn\’t take away the moisturized feel. I can also apply a thicker layer before going to bed and wake up with product still on and very plump, moisturized, healthy looking lips, no matter how dry they were. The scent is pretty light and sort of smells like strawberry banana. I don\’t find that it lingers for very long, so even if you\’re sensitive to scents, I don\’t think this would bother you, since it fades quickly and it\’s not offensive anyway. I also don\’t notice much of a flavor to it, which I really appreciate. I find myself licking my lips too much if a product has a nice flavor.
In the 6 months I\’ve had this little tub, I\’m not even halfway through it, and that is with several uses nearly every single day. So, while $20 may seem like a lot, it will last you.
Overall, if you\’re looking for a great treatment that you can even use during the day, that will make your lips super moisturized, this is a great pick!