A nice mask, but nice doesn\’t cut it

I received this mask as a free promo gift-with-purchase.

The packaging is good quality, very heavy, sturdy and quality feeling.

The product doesn\’t really have a smell that I could detect. I\’m pretty sensitive to scent, and it did not bother my allergies at all.

The product is purple, and fairly thick. I applied a walnut sized amount of the mask using a MUFE foundation brush. It sinks and dries into skin incredibly quick. I thought this would be a moist mask, but it actually dries down enough that you can do things sitting upright without issues.

I left the mask on for about 30 minutes, mostly because it was very comfortable on the skin and I forgot about it while I was watching my TV show.

Removing the mask was easy. At first I tried using wet cotton wipes.. but I would have gone through A LOT of cotton wipes to get this all off so I switched to a wet face clothe, which worked just fine.

After removing the mask my face felt a little \’slippery\’ and moist. However, and this is where the stars came off… I was not at all more \’radiant\’. I waited until the next day even, but still no more radiant. To be honest, I\’ve used face cleansers (ie: Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale) that left my face radiant after, so I feel that I know the end result I was looking for – and it was not there.

That being said, it was a comfortable mask to use, easy to apply and remove, and face felt moisturized afterwards. But.. do I need a $80-ish moisture mask that doesn\’t even smell nice? hmmmm….