Tuesday, October 3, 2023


I don\’t get the exact smell of a freshly cracked stalk of rhubarb, but rather the cool impressionistic idea of it. The \”Écarlate\” (scarlet) in the title is perfect. This is red as coolness. A brilliant sunset in the first evenings of spring, where a chill still clutches at the air, but one optimistically remains outdoors to enjoy the twilight.
Rhubarb Écarlate would be equally at home in the Hermessence line. It\’s far from a monster in sillage or longevity, but even in the musk-tinted soft berry wafts of the drydown it has great charm.
As a side note, Hermès has made this available in their body balm, too, which definitely has a longer life on the skin.
I suspect will have wide appeal to those looking for something beyond the predictable battery of citrus scents and squeaky florals.


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